dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

The most popular blog on the internet!

No,no,no,no it's not my own! It's google's blog! At the moment of writing this post, it has 600k people reading it! It gives up-to-date information about pretty much anything google related, like google translations,maps,gmail (stuff I often use :>) and waaayy more. I believe they post at least 1 post a day, which is pretty awesome for a huge company like them. But then again, they probably have employees just for that ^^

zondag 29 augustus 2010

My very first post; a blog about Minecraft.

Ahh yes, I remember the very first time I set foot in minecraft. I saw some trees, a couple of cows, but above all, the graphics where nothing like I was used too. First time playing, I tried chopping a tree by continually clicking it. Soon figures, I had to hold down left click to break stuff down.
And then it became night time. Oh boy, this is where my troubles started. Monsters like skeletons and zombies started to spawn, and shortly after that I died for my first time.
Back then I was a little sceptical about this whole hype around Minecraft and didn't like it a whole lot.
I started watching some youtube videos and read the MC wiki, and I quickly picked up on the basics of Minecraft. Then is when the sheer awesomeness of minecraft hit me, dead on.
Still, up to day, a month after I bought it, I have no regrets whatsoever and I haven't been bored once with this game.


Developers blog: notch.tumbl.com

Though this wasn't really a blogpost about a blog, I still wanted to start this way because notch inspired me to do
this with his great game. (Yes he made and makes it completely by himself)